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Natural Play

Natural Play… It’s So Much More Than Just Playgrounds

Natural play is one of the joys of childhood. Our playgrounds are designed for the “natural” development of gross motor skills, but teamwork and cooperative play are integral to our entire camp program.

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At Elmville, our own kid-sized village, children visit the ice cream store, the local market and a bustling train station. Dig into Sand World — Elmwood’s giant sand box filled with funnels, trucks and lots of shovels. Step to new heights to reach our aerial playground Sky Park, which includes the Squirrels’ Nest, an oversized hammock in the sky. Climb, leap, increase strength, move and balance at C.L.I.M.B, our bi-level web of fun. Indulge in the classics at Street Games where you’ll find chalk, hoola hoops and an Elmwood favorite, boxball.

By participating with others in a variety of play areas campers enhance their language and communication skills. Natural play is the path to self-discovery.

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