Our curriculum is carefully designed to engage the body and mind.

Small group instruction, wonderful teachers and an intentionally designed facility meet the needs of each individual child.

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Let’s Play & Learn

Imagine a day filled with ceramics, volcano building, soccer, archery, swimming, drama and zip lining. Campers can do it all at Elmwood! Athletics, Creative Arts, Performing Arts and Swim are our four core areas of concentration. All activities are led by teachers or coaches who believe in our mission.

All We Ask Is That You TRY

At Elmwood Day Camp, we greatly believe in helping children and staff develop a growth mindset. Camp is the perfect place to try new things and sometimes fail. We create a safe place for everyone to take risks and learn that we can always get better when we put in the effort. We believe that children have unlimited potential and all they need is an environment that encourages them to try.

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