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Our co-ed elective program allows campers to enhance skills in areas of passion and also explore new activities!

  • Kindergartners get a taste of electives in the latter part of the summer during “K Club.”
  • 1st through 4th graders choose a new morning “Club” each week. Past Clubs have included lacrosse, woodworking, rocketry, Spy Club, track & field, international cooking, multi-sport, science and self portrait making.
  • 3rd and 4th graders choose a multi-week, afternoon “Intensive” in competitive athletics, performance, creative arts or discovery (science and engineering).
  • 5th and 6th graders choose a two week long “Major” such as tennis, filmmaking, culinary arts, varsity sports or ceramics. They also choose a daily “Minor” such as golf, painting, rocketry, guitar, yoga and basketball.
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