Elmwood Philosophy

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Our Mission

Our mission is for each child to discover, celebrate and be who they are supposed to be. Consistent, caring relationships and a comprehensive activity program are essential to achieve our mission.
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We Believe

  • The relationships that Elmwood campers form with each other and our staff provide the foundation for the Elmwood experience.

  • Children thrive when they feel known and accepted.

  • By experiencing our program campers will discover new interests, increase competency in various skills, and gain confidence in themselves.

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Building a Partnership with Parents

The relationships we develop with our families are vital to the achievement of our mission. Our on-going communication and involvement with your family enhances our understanding of your child.

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Small Camp BIG Impact

  • Small groups ensure that Elmwood boys and girls are connected to each other and their counselors.
  • Hillari and Gregg are directly involved with your kids.
  • Our curricula in swim, athletics, science and engineering, outdoor adventure and the arts are built on the idea of small group instruction and individualized attention for each child.