2023 Week 7

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A bit of rain. A bit of sun.

Some cloudy skies. Some clearing above.

A ton of fun. A ton of friendship. A ton of kindness. A ton of teamwork.

This week’s weather did not slow us down a bit. We even were able to solve the duck mystery this week, and it was indeed Toonces the Cat who was hiding the ducks!

Please read below for the top ten reasons this was Elmwood’s BEST week yet!

  • 4th Grade Trip

4th Graders were supposed to go to Castle Fun Center on Monday, but due to the rain we had to pivot. Campers instead went bowling and then to Ice Cream Social. They LOVED it!

  • So many Clubs!

Lower Village weeks this week were: Sock Puppets, Scrap Wood Sculptures, Outer Space Club, Fan Favorites at Cooking, Sailboat Club, Make your own Musical, Game Shows, Flag Football, 9 in the Air, Pokemon, Archery and Gymnastics.

Third Grade Clubs were: Crystals, Extreme Kickball, Solar Systems, Fan Favorites at Cooking, 9 in the Air, Tap Dance, Blockbots at Woodworking, and Spa Club.

  • Wait, more Clubs?

That’s right, kindergarteners got to experience Club this week too with round two of K Club! The choices were Friendship Bracelets, Hockey, Dance, Music Makers, Spy Club, Puzzles, and Multi-Sports.

  • Upper Village Bowl

It is an intense two days of competition filled with spirit, hard work, perseverance and sportsmanship. This year’s events were trivia, relays, S\soccer, an art challenge, an archery challenge, Gagathon, hockey, kickball and Pictionary. The finale was the cheer off. While the Red Team is the champion, every team had the time of their lives. Congratulations to every Upper Village community member!

  • Silly Mustache Day

Imagine a day where everyone wears a silly mustache. There you have it. It was silly indeed!

  • Third Grade Girls Evening Visiting

After the rain out a few week’s back, we finally had the make up event. Campers got to have a late swim and then their parents came to camp for activities and a BBQ. It was spectacular.

  • First Grade Hike

Several of our first graders got to go on their first elmwood hike. They climbed, explored, worked as a team and loved every minute of it.

  • Seniors Interid Trip

This week, our Seniors went to NYC to explore the Intrepid museum. In one camper’s words, “I learned some way cool stuff!”

  • Carnival Part One

While Thursday was our scheduled carnival, we turned it into a day of rides…in the rain! Campers got to go on Tubs of Fun, Hungry Hippos, amazing obstacle courses, bounce houses and an epic climbing wall. We may have been wet and a bit muddy but it was a day we will never forget!

  • Carnival Part Two

On Friday, we finally had our all-camp carnival. Carnival games included a ring toss, candle shoot, haystack, wheel of fortune, and many more. There were favorite traditions like spin art, candy guess and tattoos. We had awesome hot pretzels. There was music playing, and it was a day filled with pure joy!

We cannot wait to see what week Eight has in store.

Have an amazing weekend and see you Monday!