2023 Week 6

Every day at Elmwood is a chance for learning, growing, and being together. There is so much that goes into every second at camp. Every detail is carefully planned so that our entire community can feel the magic of summer. The best part of what we do at camp is to make sure that every lesson, every experience, and every moment is filled with fun. Our belief is that summer should be a time when every camper and counselor develops critical skills but while having the time of their lives.

Week 6 at Elmwood was just that!

Here are some of the amazing parts of week 6!

K Club

One of our favorite Elmwood traditions is K Club where our young campers get to try out electives. In this there day elective, campers get to feel and be like the big and try something new. This weeks choices were: Superspy Sports Club, Sleepover Club, STEM, Fairy Houses and Gnome Houses, and Songs and Cheers.

Topsy Turvey Time Warp Day

On Thursday morning, Henry and Gregg discovered a time machine in the Front of Camp. They jumped in and it worked! The machine took them to Ancient Egypt where they met Cleopartra, America in the 1800’s where they met Abe Lincoln and even to prehistoric times to meet the dinosaurs. The problem was that the machine was broken. They could not make it back to 2023! The campers got to spend the day doing activities from many different time periods:

Some of the activities were: Dancing through the Decades Al’s Diner: A 50’s Diner Experience Future Games Famous classic dances Tie-Dye Waterslides

Tarplin Games

The Tarplin Games were this week for our second graders. They were busy participating in sports, games, activities, and challenges. Although they were competing throughout the entire two-day event, the main fundamentals of the experience were to encourage sportsmanship, spirit, kindness and friendship. All who participated had a great time. Congratulations to the green team who took home the championship!

Upper Village Water Balloon Bonanza

What could be better during a hot week that water balloon fun? Upper Villagers got to launch water balloons and participate in many other water balloon challenges! Fourth Grade Super Late Stay Sleepaway Camp at Day Camp was the theme for fourth graders during their Super Late Stay. Campers got to swim, have a celebratory dinner, play awesome games, make a tie-dye shirt and have a campfire complete with S’Mores. It was the highlight of the summer for our 4th graders!

Senior’s Adventure Week

This week, our oldest campers trips included: Boundless Adventures The Rock Club for indoor rock climbing The overnight where they went to Camel Beach and the Crayola Factory Medieval Times

Lower Village Clubs

Nesting Dolls Relief Wall Sculptures Penny for your Thoughts at Science Fan Favorites at Cooking Harry Potter Cheerleading Recorder Club Mini Olympics 9 in the Air Tennis

Third Grade Clubs

Krystal’s Crystal Club Rocketry Lacrosse Game Shows 9 in the Air Archery Tennis Make your own Musical

Fourth Grade Clubs

Ceramics Art Studio Tennius Golf Dance Fan Favorites at Cooking Lacrosse Soccer League

See you Monday!