2023 Week 3

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Week 3 at Elmwood

Week three was a week of colors! Our amazing week started with Orange You Glad It’s Monday and ended with Green & White Day.

At Monday’s all-camp meeting, everyone was wearing orange except for Gregg. He was wearing blue because he was a little sad. They tried a lot of orange tricks to cheer Gregg up, but it only worked when he went through the orange machine and came out orange and glad it was Monday! The truth is he was secretly already happy because he saw Elmwood friends, extraordinary staff, and people getting to be themselves in their favorite place. What a way to start the week! Read below to learn about some of the week 3 highlights…our best week yet!

Birthday Match Day

One of our favorite Elmwood traditions is Birthday Match Day. Who knew something so simple could bring our entire community so much joy? Every camper and staff member wears a sticker with their birthday on it. They spend the day searching for other people who have the same day (or the day before/after). When they find a match, they get a sticker.


Wonka-wood was a day filled with magic, creativity, sweetness, and ridiculousness. The story was that Willy Wonka came to Elmwood, but he seemed to have lost all of his zest. The campers’ goal for the day was to re-wonkify Willy! We did this by helping him find the joy in using his imagination and celebrating his love for chocolate. Activities included CandyLand at Elmville, A Chocolate Factory Tour, and Candy Crafts. Campers loved going to the end of day show where Willy got his groove back.

Second Grade Specialties

This week, second graders got to try Karate with Sensei Bob. He introduced them to the importance of discipline, focus, effort, and both mental and physical strength. They learned balance, kicks, and punches. The campers also loved seeing their counselors break through boards of wood.

Clubs of the Week

Lower Village: Mythical Crafts, Tic-Tac-Toe Boards at Woodworking, Volcano Club, Sweet Treats at Cooking, Paper Airplanes, Olympic Sports, Punchball, Gymnastics, Nature Clay Club, Taylor Swift Club, Sleepover Club, Archery

Third Grade: Streetball, Flag Football, Sweet Treats at Cooking, Volcano Club, Cheer Club, Comic Book Club, Jigsaw Puzzles at Woodworking, Ceramic Studio

Fourth Grade: Musical Theater, Art Studio, Jigsaw Puzzles at Woodworking, Golf, Archery, Volcano Club, Yoga, Extreme Sports

Second Grade Parent Events

On Tuesday and Thursday, our 2nd graders got to have a late swim and then have their parents join them. There was an all-camp meeting, scavenger hunt tour and games at the soccer field. Parents loved seeing their children’s summer home, and everyone loved a classic Elmwood BBQ. We are excited for other age group parent events in the coming weeks.

Senior’s Adventure Week

What a week to be an Elmwood Senior! On Monday, the campers went to see Disney Pixar’s Elemental. The campers gave it two thumbs up. On Tuesday, they went to the Castle Fun Center for go-karting, laser tag, mini golf and more.

Campers took their first overnight from Wednesday to Thursday at Club Getaway. They got to play at the aqua playground, go on the high ropes course and go boating. Their favorite activities were at night for the karaoke sing-a-long and campfire.

Today, the campers were a bit tired so they had a relaxing day at Bowlero where a few campers even scored a strike!

The Seniors are excited to kick off their next round of Majors next week.

Green & White Day

Today was our annual Green & White Day and Group Cheer Off. There is no feeling quite as special as watching Elmwood groups perform their cheers. After each set of cheers, the hosts performed Elmwood’s newest song RockSeeKo.