2023 Week 2

What a “super” week 2 we had!

2023 Week Two

Our second week was filled with togetherness, silliness, joy and love.bWe tried new activities, became stronger swimmers, and went on awesome adventures. The best part is that we did this with our friends and counselors. That is the magic of Elmwood; it is not just what we do but who we do it with.

Here a few highlights from our week:

Morning Meetings

This week’s all-camp meetings could not have been any more thrilling. On Monday, the whole camp got to hear the debut of the new Elmwood album. It was amazing! All of the singers from the album got up to perform except that…the music was coming from the speakers. It was the recording, and the kids got to guess who sang what part! This, combined with the birthday bunch, made for a wonderful start to the week.

At Thursday’s meeting, we played Carpool Karaoke where none other than Taylor Swift, Lin Manual, and Josh Groban jumped in the car to sing some Elmwood tunes. The highlight was Groban singing The Button Song! After that, we had our first Lost and Found Auction. Not only did we have so much fun, but we got to return some lost items!

Super K Day

This week’s Elmwood’s K Campers got to celebrate our Annual Super K Day. They made capes, learned the secret handshake and built their own clubhouse. Campers loved this Stepping Stones Tradition.

Stepping Stones Magic Show

Charlini visited today to have a special magic show for our youngest campers. Kids were thrilled as they saw all of his famous tricks, but their favorite part was his zany jokes. No one is quite like our beloved Charlini.


With four days of sunshine, our swim program took off this week. At Elmwood, we focus on helping kids become stronger and safer swimmers through our emphasis on stroke refinement. Campers worked very hard this week to hone their skills and start passing levels. We are thrilled with their progress! As much as everyone loves instructional swim, free swim cannot be beat especially because of Friday Pool Dancing!


We had some fantastic Clubs this week. Read about them below!

Lower Village Clubs

Treehouse Making at Art Block Puzzles at Woodworking American Favorites at Cooking Gardening Kickball and Street Hockey Sign Language Invisible Science Make Your Own Board Game

Third Grade Clubs

Bubbleology Fortune Telling Needle Felting Pickleball/Handball Piggy Banks at Ceramics Taylor Swift Club

Fourth Grade Clubs

Piggy Banks at Ceramics Art Studio Tennis Fencing Advanced Cooking Dance Intensive Mini Sports League


Our Senior’s Majors finished up this week. They were Glow in the Dark, Fantasy Land, and Tennis/Golf. Congratulations to our oldest campers on their spectacular accomplishments over the past two weeks.

Hikes and Trips

There were so many wonderful adventures this week. Three groups went hiking with Ryan and conquered the challenging climbs. The Seniors went to Lake Compounce where they went on the epic waterslides and roller coasters. Not to be outdone, our 4th graders went to Splashdown Beach this week. While they LOVED the slides, their favorite part was Pelican Bay with the 500 gallon dumping bucket!

We are beyond excited for our third week and our first all-camp special event. Have a wonderful weekend!