2023 Week 1

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Elmwood Day Camp 2023 Week One Blog

Every week at Elmwood is special, but the first week has the kind of joy that is difficult to put into words. Ten months have passed since the entire Elmwood community has been together, and on Monday, the entire place was abuzz with the same love, energy, kindness, fun and celebration that is part of every Elmwood summer. As the first campers arrived on Monday, we knew the summer of 2023 was going to be our best one yet.


Monday and Tuesday were a touch rainy, but we still got to swim. By the end of the day on Tuesday, all of our campers had been assessed and are ready to grow into stronger swimmers. New swimmers are learning to dunk their heads and blow bubbles and more experienced swimmers are working on strokes and more advanced skills. Campers are already passing levels especially since the sun shined for the rest of the week!


Rainy day activities included our new Destination Imagination Blocks, game shows, yoga, music, relay races and more. It was also awesome to see counselors teaching fun rainy day games that they had learned in orientation. Our camp buildings were filled with laughter.


Our youngest campers learned that Elmwood is a great place to be me this week. They met their counselors, learned each other’s names, played sports with Jess, sang with Anne and created art with Jojo. They tried new activities and foods, packed their bags, changed for swim and learned how to get around their summer home. Play is the work of childhood, and our staff gave them tons of opportunities to play. The best part was playing in our brand new Elmville. It was spectacular!


Club started this week for our first through fourth graders. These campers love being able to pick their activities and develop their passions.

This week’s Lower Village Clubs were: Soccer Superstars, Archery, Under the Sea Art, Slimeology, Wooden Nail Art, Monster Club, Songwriting, Gymnastics, Ain’t it Sweet at Cooking, Origami Paper Party, Ceramics, Recess Reloaded, and Board Games/Puzzle Club.

This week’s Upper Village Clubs were: Punchball, Soccer, Ain’t it Sweet at Cooking, Enter the Lab, Disney Dance Party, Mosaic Making, Advanced Nail and String Art, and Talavera Wall Hangings.

Fourth Grade Clubs included: Artist’s Studio, Woodworking, Tennis, Dancing, Mindfulness, Archery, Fencing, Lego Robots, and Mini Sports League.


Our second graders had their first specialty this week: Magic with Charlini. They learned the art of sleight of hand and how to engage with the audience. Campers were able to bring their tricks home, so be sure to ask your second grader to perform a magic show!


Thursday was our 2nd Annual Upper Village Gagathon, and it did not disappoint. Campers played their hearts out at one of Elmwood’s famous games. The cheering was unstoppable, and the sportsmanship was excellent. Congratulations to UV3F and UV4F who were the 2023 champions.


One of our favorite Elmwood traditions is that every group gets to pick their own names. Our 2023 groups are:

SS3A: The Silly Fishies

SS3B: The Rainbow Wiggly Worms

SS4A: The Superstar Bunnies

SS4B: The Blue Swimming Unicorns

SS4C: The Outstanding Owls

SSKA: The Rainbow Bunny Hoppers

SSKB: The Dancing Rainbow Unicorn Cars

SSKC: The Silly Donut Bears

SSKD: The Sparkly Puppies

SSKE: The Dazzling Diamond Dinosaurs

SSKF: The Shooting Star Cupcakes

SSKG: The Sprinkly Donuts

SSKH: The Killer Whale Pack

LV1A: The Summer Sisters

LV1B: The Shining Alicorn Mermaids

LV1C: The Sparkly Dolphins

LV1D: The Mermaid Starz

LV1F: The Golden Boys

LV1G: The Spooky Scary Dino Friends

LV1H: The Dynamite Elmwood Panthers

LV1I: The Fire Breathing Super Kids Crew

LV1J: The Mega Superstars

LV2A: The Super Rockstars

LV2B: The Swimming Puppies

LV2C: The Elmwood Champions

LV2D: The Thunder Power Pops

LV2E: The Elmwood Sparkly Panda Girls

LV2F: The Fire Breathing Chipmunks

LV2G: The No Names

LV2H: The Blazing Boys

LV2I: The Golden Lightnings

UV3A: The Diving Pizza Dolphins

UV3B: The #1 Donut Slayers

UV3C: The Curious Creative Campers

UV3D: The 3D Vision

UV3F: The Big John Vipers

UV3G: The Bad Bananas

UV3H: The Dancing Bananas

UV4A: The Fierce Koalas UV4YAY

UV4B: The Krazy Koalas

UV4F: The Campers Of The Caribbean

UV4G: The Champion League Vipers

UV56: The Superior Seniors

We wish all of our campers and staff a wonderful weekend. See you Monday!