2022 Week 4

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2022 Week 4

Rain on Monday.

Food Drive on Tuesday.

Country Farm and Fair on Wednesday.

95 Degrees and Counting on Thursday.

Water and let’s just play on Friday.

Every day this week was an adventure filled with friends, fun, challenges, spirit and community. The magic of Elmwood is in how we treat each other and build a place where everyone thrives. THIS WEEK there were examples of that everywhere. While the weather was never really on our side, it was our best week yet. How could it not be when Elmwood is a place where everyone matters and is celebrated for who they are supposed to be!


On our rainy Monday, we played games, watched movies, built forts, practiced yoga, sang, played with legos, and LOVED being together. Luckily, we ate lunch in the big tents which kept us dry.


Tuesday was an extraordinary day where our entire community brought in food to support the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry. Thank you to all who participated. We collected over 200 bags of food while continuing to learn about food insecurity. Next week, we will be packing school lunches to help support those in need.

We also played all day on Tuesday and took advantage of our best weather day of the week. Our sports curriculum is in full swing, and all of our campers are making progress at the fields and courts. As we progress into the second half of the summer, we are moving more to traditional games where kids are learning through games and great coaching.


Country Farm and Fair Day was just about as good as it gets. The day was filled with fun, silliness, dancing and games. It was awesome.

In the morning, Gregg and Hillari welcomed the whole camp to the fair where there would be a series of competitions. Drama Molly wanted to win everything, even the lasso, baking and quilt challenges. She challenged the whole camp to make a quilt. They did, and it was beautiful!

Every camper got to Square Dance, visit the Front Porch for some pie, play lasso and catapult games, and milk a pretend cow. Perhaps the best part was the country show which included songs, comedy, stories and an epic pie eating competition!

Tuesday night was the first grade boys parent BBQ. It was so wonderful for our parents to get to meet the counselors and get to experience a little Elmwood magic and food!


On Thursday, our oldest campers went to the Storm King Art Center to view the outdoor sculptures. They took a trolley ride and spent time with Cheryl, Elmwood’s art teacher in residence. They had a great day.

LV2C and LV2I went hiking with Ryan, our hiking Director. They visited Turkey Mountain and were amazed about how much they conquered. They achieved all of this by working with and supporting each other.


Today was hot, so we got creative. Many campers had double swims, and we turned our fields into sprinkler parks where campers got to have a blast in the water. Most of our campers were wet and cool for the entire day. During other times, we hung out in the shade while participating in all of Elmwood’s other activities.


Friendships have become very strong. The connections that kids have been making are truly what makes an Elmwood summer special. This was the week where everywhere one turned, it was clear just how magical Elmwood friendships are.


This week’s Lower Village Clubs were: Soccer, Fair Crafts, Totally Tennis, Yoga, Hoedown Showdown, Sailboat Making, Beach Party, Ooey Gooey Club, Plinko Boards at Woodworking, Movie Making, Punch Ball, and Comic Book Club.

This week’s Third Grade Clubs were: Punchball, Camping Crafts, European Handball, Super Hero Club, Rockets, Archery, Totally Tennis, Hand Games and Perler Beads, and Dungeons and Dragons.

This week’s Fourth Grade Clubs were: Golf, Cross Stitch, Board and Card Games, Broadway Bound, Mexican Fiesta, Totally Tennis and Birdhouses at Woodworking.

This week’s Senior’s Majors were: 3D Art, Comedy Improv and Sports League.

We wish all of our camps and staff a great weekend. See you Monday!