2022 Week 3

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Week 3 at Elmwood

Some Elmwood weeks are about all of the small moments. Small moments of kindness, laughter, imagination and pure joy were everywhere this week. Camp is ultimately a collection of moments of growth and togetherness. One of the most beautiful moments is always when our camp is together at an all-camp meeting. This week, the entire community gathered twice to sing, be silly and connect.

At Monday’s all-camp meeting, we sang the cheer, celebrated the week’s birthdays and got visited by the Elmwood Improvement Association. Friday was Green and White Day, and those moments were Epic. We got to honor Jessica with a new version of her sign. After that, we called in Dr. Green and Dr. White for some Green and White Day Magic. They made hair grow on Gregg’s head by covering his head with green slime. It worked! The only problem was that the hair he grew was also green!! The doctors also cloned Birthday Henry. Who knew we could have so many birthday bunch members?!?!

The final part of our Green and White celebration was our annual Cheer-Off. Every group in camp writes their own cheer and shares it with the larger camp community. Congratulations to Berk, Brittany and Lauren for their first time hosting the event. It was a job well done. They even arranged for a visit by Elmwood’s very own fox.

Please read below about many other moments from this week.

Stepping Stone News

Our littlest campers had a fantastic week. They made amazing progress in swimming and sports and made fantastic projects with Jojo at the Veranda. They LOVED making Cake Pops at cooking.

Our four-year olds had their very own special event: Under the Sea Day. At their morning meeting, Scuba Jess told them the story of their day. They then got to participate in “underwater” activities and make their very own picture of themselves in the sea. They loved every moment.

The five-year olds also had a day of their own week. At Super K Day, campers went on K Scavenger hunts, built their own K Clubhouse, wore capes and learned the secret K handshake. Being a K at Elmwood is the best!

Lower Village News

This was a BIG week at Lower Village. Not only did campers experience all of their regular activities, but there were several events as well.

Our first graders had their very own tye-dye themed birthday party where they got to play unwrap the present, hit the pinata, party with the birthday bunch and eat delicious cupcakes. They also got visited by the Critter Caravan where they saw and petted many exotic animals. They loved it.

Second graders had their second Specialty this week. Sensei Bob visited Elmwood with his crew and taught campers the basics of American Goju Karate. The kids loved to participate, but they also loved watching Sensei Bob and his crew perform.

It was a thrill this week to invite parents back to camp where we had our first parent BBQ since 2019. Parents got to meet our second grade camper’s counselors, and parents also got to meet other parents from each group. Elmwood’s parents are a very important part of our community, and we have missed these wonderful events.

Lower Village Clubs this week included: Archery, Up Up and Away Art, Italian Cooking, Gymnastics, Homemade Instruments, Tricks Jokes and Magic, Pirate Club, Legos, Board Games at Woodworking, Minions!, and Hockey

Upper Village News

Intensives were in full-force this week. We cannot believe that we have already reached the end of our second week of intensives. Model Cars are almost fully built at Discovery while the SOHO campers are making great strides with their Nature Crafts. The Performance campers are working hard and the rehearsals are wonderful to be a part of. League kids have been playing a ton of basketball this week. Playoffs are soon!

Week three was Adventure Week for our Upper Village Seniors. They went to the beach, to indoor Rock Climbing and to the Taconic Environmental Education Center. The best part of the week was going on the Club Getaway overnight. Campers got to go boating, play on the Aqua Playground, try the adventure course and have S’mores at the campfire. The group has become bonded, and the friendships are deep and meaningful. We love our oldest campers.

Third grade Clubs this week included: Sleepover Club, Decoupage Delight, Italian Cooking, Recess Club, Dance Disney Disco, Dinosaur Club, and Puzzles at Woodworking.

Fourth Grade Clubs this week included: Archery, Spa Club, Soccer, Terrariums, Tennis, Golf and Yoga.

We wish all of our camp families a wonderful weekend. We cannot wait to see you on Monday!