2021 Week 1

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We’re Back!

On Monday, it all began again. Friends, community, love, fun, laughter, and silliness were everywhere at Elmwood. Our whole camp was together again, and it was magical.

Returning campers and staff reunited with friends, while instantly welcoming new staff and campers with open arms. There is no feeling quite like being part of the Elmwood community.

The week started off with “getting to know you” games. Campers learned each other’s names, toured camp, and heard about what was in store for them this summer. Each division had its own meetings every day along with one special Super Meeting! Hillari and Gregg were contestants on their very own game show. They spun the wheel for prizes and then guessed how well they knew each other. The campers were excited to see the Elmwood Birthday Brunch reunited while celebrating weekly birthdays.

The temperatures were high, so it was the perfect week to “jump right in” at the brand new Elmwood Swim Academy. Our extraordinary swim team, led by Katie and Frances, placed campers in swim groups and started instruction right away. There has been so much progress in just a few short days. Free-swim started on Tuesday, and the rain stopped just in time for the first pool dancing of the year on Friday afternoon!

This summer we introduced a new activity called Wearable Art. The Stepping Stones got to make bucket hats. The Lower Village made bandanas, and the Upper Village made backpacks along with bandanas. Other art projects at different studios included watercolor group banners, Eric Carle-inspired animals, and Pablo Picasso-inspired masks.

Athletics were in full swing this week though we took it “low and slow” due to the heat. We had water relays, ice cube challenges, and many other fun ways to beat the heat. Campers loved cooling down at yoga this week. The campers worked on stretching, mindfulness, and ending with everyone’s favorite magic mist.

Upper Village clubs this week included, Woodworking, Terrariums, Yoga, Archery, Make Your Own Gameboard, Super Sports League, Ballet Bops, Mystery Club, and filmmaking. There are many more great clubs coming this summer!

We wish all of our families and staff a wonderful holiday weekend. We cannot wait to see everyone for what promises to be an incredible second week of camp!