Week 2 at Elmwood Outdoors

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The first two weeks of Elmwood Outdoors moved fast! Even during a pandemic, campers and staff are connecting with friends, swimming, playing sports and participating in all the amazing and fun activities at camp. The safety and social distancing changes have not affected the core Elwmood feeling. We are proud of how our Elmwood community has thrived together, outside.

Here are Ten Reasons Why Week Two of Elmwood Outdoors Was a Week to Remember!

  1. Be Kind to Camp Day: Campers and staff worked on many wonderful projects to make camp a better place. Some groups wrote letters to make people feel good. Others sang songs while others cleaned up particular areas of camp. Everyone learned about the values of taking care of each other and spreading love and kindness.

  2. All the wonderful group cheers that were performed this week!

  3. Pool dancing this week was epic as so many campers and staff got their groove on in the water.

  4. We beat the heat with water games at athletic activities. We used sponges, water balloons, cups and any item we could find to get wet!

  5. Campers and staff showed off their favorite teams on team spirit day. Yankees, Mets, Giants. Jets and many non-New York teams were on display.

  6. Arts and Crafts projects this week included trivets, bridges, paintings and ceramic lobsters!

  7. Lunchtime is a new favorite activity at Elmwood. We have a little bit longer for lunch this summer and everyone loves chatting, catching up and being with each other.

  8. Adventure Park was ADVENTEROUS as our oldest campers experienced the drop for the first time in 2020!

  9. Team challenge week was in a word: awesome. Be sure to ask your camper what challenges they participated in.

  10. Camp friends really are the best!

We are working on lots of plans for a wonderful three weeks ahead. We are grateful to be able to play, swim, dance, run, enjoy friends and be at camp this summer.

We wish our families a safe and fantastic weekend.

See you Monday!
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