Week 3 at Elmwood!

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Elmwood’s third week at Elmwood was our best week yet!

The week started off with Birthday Match Day as all of our campers and counselors searched high and low to find their very own Elmwood birthday matches! Finding someone who has the same or similar birthday as you is always so exciting especially when it is someone you have never met before. It was a great way for our campers and staff to connect with each other and feel comfortable and welcome at camp. Our three-year-old Stepping Stones had their visiting day on Monday where families and campers had a blast participating in gymnastics, music and swim.

We continued with more family visiting as we welcomed our four-year-old stepping stones and G2 families on Tuesday and our mini-day four-year-olds, kindergarten girls and fourth grade families on Wednesday. We were sad to have had to reschedule our kindergarten boys and second grade boys visiting day this week, but we are excited to see those families next week! It is always nice to see our campers sharing their summer home with their families.

Did anyone at Elmwood even notice it was raining on Thursday? We had such a fun day filled with activities that the campers barely even knew it wasn’t a regular day at camp! Cooking cereal bars, playing bingo, bowling, partaking in Minute to Win It, doing yoga, and participating in Jeopardy were amongst the favorites of the day!

Only green and white were seen all throughout camp on Friday. It sure was a sight to see! At the all camp meeting campers “observed” a leadership team meeting where each member spoke about the great stuff happening at camp this summer. Allie announced that the leadership team needs to have a cheer ready for the Green and White Day, so Gregg called in Captain Fun to lead the team in their awesome cheer. It was then every group’s turn to show their group’s cheer during the Green and White Cheer Off. Everyone’s creativity shined through on Green and White Day as every group performed a self-written song/cheer about how much they love camp and their group. We are sure they will be singing them all summer long!

Stepping Stones News:

The Stepping Stones did a lot this week! The three-year olds went on a mission to the moon as they played with hula hoops at Ballpark. They also partook in an obstacle course where everyone succeeded at scoring a goal at the end. Each camper made awesome bug boxes in art and cooked apple sauce and apple chews in cooking. The best part was that all of the campers found their food to be as delicious as it sounds!

At the ballpark, the four-year-olds learned how to scoop ice cream (actually a wiffle ball) with their ice cream scoopers (actually a wiffle ball scooper). They continued practicing their soccer skills such as toe taps, knee touches and penguin dribbles. They also went on a bear hunt at Drama!

Our five-year-old campers played bumper cars with soccer balls and freeze tag games and had a great time in art creating butterflies out of coffee filters, clothes pins and pipe cleaners.

Lower Village News:

Elmwood’s first and second graders had a spectacular week. Some of the campers’ favorite activities this week were archery, adventure park, ceramics, cooking, soccer, science and drama. At drama, the campers created circle stories by each coming up with one word and then combining their words to make one group story. The final stories were super silly. In art, our lower village campers used puffy paint and foam shapes to create and decorate their very own plaques. Some of our favorites were the ones that showed EWD love and spirit! Campers also created mirror image paintings that they were able to decorate with sharpies and stickers. The Second-Grade Specialty this week was Karate with Sensei Bob. Campers learned the basic techniques of Karate and the importance of self-confidence and focus.

The Lower Village Clubs this week included Out of this World Crafts, 3D Wall Art, Dinosaur Dig Adventure, Breakfast: Rise and Stir, Alien Invasion, Recorders, Wide World of Sports, Animal Safari Yoga/Gymnastics and Tea Party Club.

Upper Village News:

It was a great week to be an Upper Village camper. All of our third and fourth graders are loving being a part of their intensives in either league, discovery, SOHO, or performance. They cannot wait for the finale which is only two weeks away. Several of our B3 groups went on a hike to Harriman State Park this week.

Third grade clubs this week included Art to Accessorize, Master Puzzle Makers, Build it Break it!, Breakfast: Rise and Stir!, Alien Invasion, Broadway Bound Dancers, NFL Skills and Drills and Aimin’ Archery.

Sports Choice for our fourth graders included tennis, golf, archery, yoga, gymnastics, soccer and softball. The highlight of the week for our fourth graders was our out-of-camp trip to Lake Compounce on Wednesday!


The Seniors began their new Majors this week! Campers have been so excited about their new activities and loved learning all new skills in Varsity Sports, 2D Studio Art, Hip Hop and Filmmaking. However, they could not stop talking about how much fun they had on their first overnight trip! Club Getaway was one for the books. Our seniors took part in zip lining, swimming, an awesome aerial park, a campfire and participated in some team building activities.

We wish all of our families and staff a wonderful weekend. See you Monday!
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