Week 1 at Elmwood!

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We had a wonderful opening week at Elmwood! Returning campers and staff were excited to see each other, and new campers and staff were instantly welcomed into our community. There is no feeling quite like seeing the first bus roll in on opening day. The magic of Elmwood is seen by how everybody treats each other and how each person feels safe and loved in our inclusive summer home.

Yesterday was our first all camp meeting of 2019. Of course, we started with the singing of Bim Boppa Loopa Loppa! The campers were excited to see Jess and Beau, our veteran Birthday Bunch members. Three new members were needed, so how else would one select new members…we had a Birthday Bunch boot camp! Berk, Colleen, Jessica C., Jessica M., Kayla, Matt C., Matt T., Morgan and Vinny challenged each other in competitions such as blowing bubbles, pin the tail on the donkey, singing happy birthday in cat language, and creating birthday art. Our winners were Kayla, Jessica C., and Matt C.! Welcome to The Bunch!

Exciting clubs this week included Fruity Art, Nail Art at Woodworking, Ooey Gooey Science Fun, Cooking Around the World in Five Plates, Pirate Adventures, Ancient Egyptian Adventures, World Cup Soccer, Terrific Tennis, Flexible Fun at Yoga and Gymnastics, Magical Creature Creations, Archery 101, Robin Hood Club of Bandits, and Movie Musical Madness.

Our favorite week one tradition is Name Your Group Day! Where else besides Elmwood does each group get to come up with a name for their summer family? Our 2019 Group Names are:

SS3 – Dancing Ducks

MD4A – Funky Monkeys

MD4B – Bubbly Bunnies

SS4A – Dancing Dolphins

SS4B – Friendly Pumpkin Monsters

SS4C – Rainbow Tigers

BKA – Giant Leopard Wild Cats

BKB – The Friendly Pigeons

BKC – The Sun Cougars

GKA – Unicorn Ice Creams

GKB – The Elmwood Unicorn Sprinkles

GKC – Panda Puppies Dolphins

B1A – Super Fireball Bros

B1B – Bumble Bees

B1C – The Great Blue Red-Eyed Lizard Snakes

B1D – Golden Panthers

G1A – Rainbow Cute Bunnies

G1B – Sassy Rainbow Butterflies

G1C – Rainbow Sparkle Bunnies

B2A – Glowing Pika-Pikachu

B2B – Super Robot Pokémon

B2C – Cool Marine Dudes

B2D – Elmwood Bolts

B2E – Pokémon Team

G2A – Rainbow Unicorn Narwhals

G2B – Pretty Pandas

G2C – Rainbow Rockin’ Gummy Bears

G2D – Rainbow Glitter Unicorns

B3A – Electric Bacon

B3B – New York Ninjas

B3C – Mercury’s Gucci Gladiators

G3A – Marshmallow Diamond Dragons

G3B – The Glitter Girls

G3C – The Panda Puppy Princesses

B4A – Gucci Panda Gang

B4B – Glossy Gucci Pandas

G4A – Cute Hawaiian Turtles

G4B – The Great Green Flying Pancakes

Seniors – Senior Citizens