In the Words of Our Campers... A Little About the Elmwood 5th & 6th Grade Program

"This summer gave me a boost of self-confidence.”

As we embark on 2019, our sights are firmly set on Elmwood’s upcoming Specialties program. There is nothing better than hearing our campers reflect on last summer to get us refocused and grounded in our purpose.

“In Seniors, sometimes you spend the day at Schechter, sometimes at Elmwood, and sometimes on field trips . . . and it’s all fun!”

“I was more brave and performed in front of people.”

“My favorite was when we went to MA for the overnight. Six Flags was fun and we got to know each other better.”

_ “There were lots of bonding experiences like the overnight and the kayaking trip.”_

“There were so many new things to do and try this summer.”

“It’s cool to be with different ages because you get to mature and be independent more.”

“Everyone is mixed together in one group. I made new friends and met new people.”

“This summer gave me a boost of self-confidence.”

As adults we have the tendency to over complicate and over think things. Leave it to young people to simplify and distill what the Elmwood experience is all about: stepping out of one’s comfort zone to try new things and meet new people. In the seniors, we create opportunities where campers can have fun and build meaningful connections with others and become more confident, independent human beings.