Fall Festival Recap


It felt just like summer last weekend as we celebrated our annual Fall Festival at Elmwood. Everyone loved being back at their summer home! We were joined by many families, kids and staff who made this day filled with fun laughter and adventure.

To start the day like any other camp day, campers and families flooded the camp busses that shuttled them to Elmwood. We had our camp staff greeting the busses with their morning smiles and hugs. After families signed in and campers decorated their very own name tags, they had a full day of fun ahead of them! Activities included pillow making and DIY spider rings at Arts & Crafts, planting flowers at gardening, and ceramic animal and pumpkin painting. Campers climbed around at Skypark and Adventure Park and played at street games and Elmville. Other favorites included gymnastics, soccer and of course our famous hayride!

The entire day reminded us all of the magic Elmwood brings into our lives and was a great way to pretend it was summer on a cool fall day.

We hope everyone had as much of a ball as we did. We can’t wait to see everyone soon!
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